I moved out of my biological parents’ house as soon as I could after I turned eighteen. It was my own version of Hell, and setting myself free was the best thing for me. August 31, 2004 was the day I packed up all of my worldly belongings, loaded them into my good friend’s (and about-to-be roommate) car, and never looked back. It also happened to be bio mother’s birthday, which honestly made the whole thing even better. It was a gift for both of us – no more dependent daughter for her, and no more daily abuse for me. It was a win/win!

Almost immediately after I moved in with my friend and his cousin, I signed up for an account on the website – which, if you don’t know, was (is?) a picture-rating site. I don’t even know why I’d joined, other than to see what people thought of my face, lol…but I soon found out.

About two weeks after I’d been living with the guys, and after many unsuccessful searches for Mr. Right in my city (yes, I was ready to settle down), I’d broadened my search to the rest of the country. The only out-of-state guy worth clicking “Yes!” to (on the “Meet Me” section of his page), was a soldier and cowboy stationed in Georgia. The photo alone caught my attention – uniform, piercing blue eyes, nice lips, and just one damn good-looking dude. 😉 His appearance was most certainly a bonus to all the awesome things I read about him!

I didn’t expect much from showing interest in connecting, but in no time, we exchanged a few messages, then Yahoo names, then phone numbers. We discovered soon into our first phone conversation, that we both wanted the same things: marriage, a family, and a simple but wonderful life. We began speaking regularly, and getting serious; next thing you know, we’re on the phone for hours at a time, every day, and making plans to meet.

He knew he’d be getting deployed soon, and we agreed that meeting once then not seeing each other for another twelve to eighteen months, just wasn’t an option. He then bought me a one-way plane ticket to Georgia, for the day after Christmas. That’s right – I was moving across the country to be with a man I’d only known for about three months long-distance, and for whom I’d started falling – hard. I’d already moved again (some guys suck at being roommates, haha), but this would be a bigger and better move!

Soon after the plan had been made, I discovered my new roommate (a manager at my work and a single mom of a toddler) was slowly moving out and trying to stick me with the apartment. I told my guy about this, and he rushed off the phone. When he called back, he told me he had the date changed on the ticket, and asked how I’d feel about coming out two weeks early. I couldn’t believe my ears! He was saving me from a shitty situation, without me even asking or thinking of asking. I, of course, said yes, and the packing began!

Fast forward to December 11, 2004. Old roommate drove me to the airport bright and early, and I began my journey. The airline had screwed me over big time, but it was no big deal. I was just excited to be starting my new life with the man I loved.

After a long day of travel (and bouncing around the US in three different planes), I arrived in Savannah, GA. There, I found the man I’d seen on webcam only once, waiting for me with open arms (and kissable lips). 😛 Our first embrace was magical, our first kiss was intoxicating, and boy, did he look sexy in his black Stetson! I felt as though I had come home, yet I’d just left the only home I’d ever known.

We finally left the airport (after a long wait for my bag, which had been temporarily misplaced), and made the trip to the base at which he was stationed. It was there that I not-so-secretly lived with him for over a month, before we got our own place off-post, and where we got to know each other in one of the most unconventional ways possible. It’s not every day that two people who just met, move in together – especially not on a military base, in a barracks room with two other soldiers! However, it was just fine, and we both enjoyed it. We were just happy to be together. 🙂

A month and a half after I’d moved to Georgia, my soldier deployed to Iraq for a year. I proposed to him minutes before his departure, and he made me the happiest woman ever when he said “Yes!” We got married during R&R, about seven months into his tour, and he came home for good just a few days before the one-year mark. He’d gotten stationed in another part of the state, which is where we’d bought our first house and conceived our Son, and he got out of the Army when our Son was nearly a year and a half. We moved to New Mexico, and we’ve been here ever since. Our Son is now ten and a half, we own our second home, and we are blessed beyond belief. ❤

Thirteen years ago (as of yesterday, since it’s now the day after), I left everything behind to move across the country to be with a man I met online. Thirteen years together, even after a deployment and many hard times, and we’re still going strong. We have a beautiful Kiddo, the perfect house, and an incredible life. We couldn’t, nor do we need to, ask for more.

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