Things and Stuff

• I’m THAT Chihuahua Mom (or ChiMomma, as I call myself). hehe! Aren’t these adorable?! 😍😍



• Merrrrrch…again. 😎😎

The Santagato Store

• I bought the digital album, but also a CD. I love and support Naomi and her music THAT much. The entire album is amazing, but I have four favorites: the title track “Ugly When You Cry,” “In Your Eyes,” “Hot Mess,” and “June Gloom.” SO DAMN GOOD. 💖💖

Naomi Karate

• I talked about how I discovered this shop, on my latest podcast. LOOK AT ALL THESE PRETTIES! Thank you again and again for the bonus goodies, Steph! 😍😍


• I also got some yarn and a pin from Expression Fiber Arts, but I’m lazy/forgot to take pictures of it all. You should check them out anyway, even if you’re aware of their yum yarn. 😜😜

• Also, check out Nicole Piar and The Astral Box for some amazing spiritual goodies. Again, too lazy to add pics, but all my recent-ish purchases from both are amazing, and I love them like whoa. 😏😏

• I really need to get out of this awful dry spell funk, and get back to crafting. I miss yarnbending! 😣😣

Thanks for reading! ❤❤

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