Not My Usual Crafts

Last month, I discovered some decorative buckets at my local Walmart. They had one word on them, and there were a few different ones. The majority were pretty cheesy, but one said “Blessed;” I couldn’t help but grab one and add it to my cart, for obvious reasons. 🙂 When I showed Hubs, he looked at me funny, then said, “That’s cool, but what are you going to do with it?” I’ll admit, that thought hadn’t crossed my mind, even after I’d brought it home and set it somewhere to admire. That’s what I get for impulse shopping. 😉 It didn’t take long for me to come up with a plan: I was going to make an artificial flower arrangement inside the bucket, and set it somewhere in our house – that way, we can have flowers, minus the death. 😛

After a couple of weeks or so, I finally shopped for everything I needed to make the decorative thing! I got a load of artificial sunflower bunches, a little bunch of random pretty white flowers, a rectangle of hard foam, and some burlap material. Upon checking out, I chatted with my Son’s “Walmart Grandma” (the sweetest older lady we know here, who has no grandchildren of her own and “adopted” my Bug as her GrandSon years ago) about my idea for the bucket I’d bought there recently. She was super excited, and requested that I take pictures to show her, lol.

A couple of days later, I gathered up my materials and tools, took a pretty photo for instagram (you can view it here), and began to work.

First, I transformed (read: cut out, shaved, and smoothed) that rectangle of foam into a perfectly imperfect oval, small enough to fit down a bit inside the bucket, but large enough to stay put. Isn’t it hideous? 😉

Next, I sized and cut both ends of the burlap, and situated them inside the bucket, with them draping over just a bit (one end is curled since it was a roll of burlap). I placed the foam inside, then threaded some hemp cord through the burlap to secure it, and, with my husband’s help, tied it up in the front. (The initial bow was only temporary.) I left it open in front, so the word was visible. Yeah, I actually made a smart decision – well, two, as I’d asked for Hubs’ input a lot throughout the process. Why not? I mean, he’s going to be looking at it, too. ha.
Finally, it was time to add the flowers! I’ll tell you what, I was so indecisive about how I wanted to stick them in the foam, but wouldn’t you know it – they made the decision for me! See, the stem bunches were impossible to get through past a certain point, so I had to separate the flowers from their bunches and stick them in individually. I had to use a wire cutter (those stems were hard as hell to cut through), and by the time they were all separated, my palms were killing me, lol. I began arranging, at which point my awesome Son comments, “Wow, I never thought you’d do something this foofy!” rofl. Neither did I, Kiddo. Neither did I. 😉
I ended up putting all the little white flowers in the front, so they wouldn’t become invisible among the large amount of sunflowers. They still ended up drowning in the field of yellow, but I’m still content with the results.
I found the perfect spot in our beautiful home, to set my very first DIY decor, and my Men love it as much as I do! I’m quite pleased with the results, as well as proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and creating a lovely decorative piece. I will say, even though I’ve been having a tough time focusing lately, this project really kept me centered. Who knew?! 😀

What do you think about my little pretty? Leave a comment with your feedback!