2018: Chapter Three

⚠ Warning: long post ahead! ⚠

Well, what can I say? March was one hell of a month! 😮

Hubs and I got our taxes done and renewed our wood-cutting permit. It wasn’t long before the tax returns arrived, and disappeared; we’d been needing so many things, and we knew the returns would help us get them! From Home Depot, we bought our new washing machine, a water conditioner (well water is wicked hard), and a new grill; from Tuft & Needle, an amazing new mattress; and from Walmart, a lovely futon set for me. Everything came in quickly, and each item is amazing! Getting them all was more than long overdue, and we’re all so grateful that taxes made it happen. It also didn’t take long for my Men and I to get out in the forest and gather wood, once we purchased the permit. In one day, we got two truckfuls cut up, loaded, and added to the pile at home, in only a few short hours! It was awesome. I’d had a rough night before we headed out, but even that couldn’t stop me; I found and dragged some pretty big pieces to the truck (and acquired a bunch of scrapes and scratches along the way), and worked my butt off at home, too. The Kiddo helped a ton, as usual, which is always nice. Between the three of us, we get a lot done. Hubs and I also chopped wood here at home one day, while BatKid helped keep the Puppers away by playing with him nearby. He did help us stack the wood after, as well. He’s the greatest. 😍

Aside from work outside, we’ve been enjoying the outdoors a lot, especially because we know it’s going to be hotter than hell before we know it. We do a lot of playing, walking, and sitting on the deck; it’s beyond wonderful to live where we do, and we are so blessed to have so much land to explore. The Puppers is enjoying all the outside time, too, and looks forward to it each day. He and the Kiddo are outside together a lot, and that’s one of my gazillion favorite things in the world to see. They have a blast together, and can be loud and crazy without any neighbors to complain!

I went outside my comfort zone, and made a foofy (as my Son called it) DIY home decor thing; you can read all about it here. I’m quite proud of it, and my Men like it, so it was a success! 😉 I’m usually early when it comes to ordering BatKid’s Halloween costume each year (I’m talking July, people), but I ordered it already! I just happened to visit Spirit’s website one day, and saw they had only one of the costume Bug wanted, that was in His size. Now, in these situations, I’ve taken chances before, but it was usually closer to the holiday; I’ve learned the hard way that you just can’t take chances with things like that, lol. So, while we could, I snagged that costume, plus the accessories, immediately. It arrived pretty quickly, and HOLY SNAP, it’s rad as hell. 🤘 I also finally ordered some more lamps for the house, which we purchased at Walmart.com (here and here). Now all of our lamps are matchy-match, which is so nice, since we’d never been able to do that in the past, no matter where we were living. All the lighting in our home is finally complete – since it’s one of those weird houses that has no ceiling lights in the living rooms or bedrooms, rofl.

While leaving the grocery store one morning, I’d hopped on the cart and rode it in the parking lot. When I came back down, I landed wrong, rolled my ankle, and really hurt myself. My ankle swelled up to about the size of an egg! 😣 It was gnarly, lol. Thankfully, I was already scheduled to see my doctor for another follow-up on my med, so at my appointment the following day, she inspected my injury, discovered it wasn’t severe (I was lucky, which I realized after I’d climbed a tree that morning! ha), and told me how to take care of it. We also covered a few other things during the appointment, so it was a busy day, medically speaking. I’m a mess, y’all. 😕

My Son had His usual dental checkup, with excellent reports on His teeth (no cavities, as usual)! He almost wasn’t seen, as the person who’d scheduled His appointment the last time He went, messed it up. Apparently, the appointments have to be scheduled a day after the six month mark, or insurance won’t cover it (I know, wtf?), so the receptionist had to call the insurance company to see if they’d let it slide. Thankfully, they did, and we were out of there before we knew it! 😆 We stopped at Taco Bell for lunch afterwards, since we no longer have one in our town; while we were eating in the parking lot, this adorable couple walked by. One of them spotted my Batman vanity plate, and proceeded to give me a thumbs up and show off their Batman slippers and clothes, lol. It was too cute. It always makes me happy when others appreciate and share my love for Batman; he is the best superhero there is, after all. 😏 The Kiddo also had an appointment with our doctor, for pain in one of His knees. It turns out, Hubs’ genes are even stronger than we thought, as the same problem he had when he was younger, is what our poor Baby is going through now. Thankfully, it can be corrected with physical therapy, and according to Doc, we just happen to have an amazing physical therapist in town. I’m just relieved it isn’t something more serious, and grateful for Hubs coming along so he could tell Doc what he’d gone through. I know I’d have screwed it up if I tried to give her his history with knee issues, lol.

There were a few awful things that happened last month. First, I got the horrible news that our sweet post office lady had passed away after a bad stroke. Bug and I cried so hard; we loved her and were devastated! She’s already missed so much. 😢 Second, it was the year anniversary of my first fiance’s murder; he was stabbed to death at a gas station not far from his home, and left behind his girlfriend and their young daughter. It was hard to deal with when it happened, even though we were obviously long over with and hadn’t spoken in years. I’m not sorry for that, either; I care about others, no matter what they’ve done or what happened between us. It’s just who I am. 😌 Last, my Batmobile is wrecked. I was off on my usual Saturday morning outing (post office and errands), and was only about ten minutes from home, when a deer decided to play chicken with me. I saw it come out into the road and stop, and as I was slowing down, it jumped right in front of me. I hit it, and because I wasn’t driving at a high speed, it was badly injured and suffering. I was hysterically crying as I pulled over, knowing the poor thing was hurt and I’d caused it. I called Hubs right away, since he was home with our Son, and told him to come to such-and-such road, that I’d hit a deer and it was still alive. He was the first person I thought to call in my panicked state, and since I’d never been in an accident alone before, I didn’t think about calling 9-1-1…just Hubs. Thankfully, he brought me to my senses when he’d called back shortly after, to make sure I was ok, ask about the damage to the car, and to tell me to call the police. I did so, and some idiot drove up while I was talking to the dispatcher. He kept trying to talk to me, clearly seeing I was on the phone, and wasn’t at all concerned about me; he just kept saying something about the deer jumping out in front of me, and asking if I wanted him to finish it off for me. I waved him off, while hissing, “My husband’s on the way!” – all while trying to listen to what the dispatcher was saying. He finally drove off, and I hung up with 9-1-1 soon after. I called my husband again, to see where he was at, and he told me he was about halfway there. We hung up, and I waited for him to arrive, all while checking on the poor deer to make sure that, if he did get up, I could tell Hubs where he went. It was heart-wrenching to see him trying to move and tend to his wounds, and I couldn’t handle it one bit. 😭 Finally, Hubs drove up. He immediately came to me to check on and hug me, then looked at the car and told me to call the insurance company. Little did I know, he had me do that for two reasons – one, because it needed to be done, and two, to distract me while he put the poor buck out of his misery. I did happen to look up when he did so, but it hurt less to see that, than knowing the creature was suffering, of course. A sheriff’s deputy finally showed up, after having been given the wrong directions by the dispatcher, and he handled everything he needed to handle. He also moved the now dead deer out of the road; as he did so, one of its antlers broke off, an he gave it to me as a souvenir. I took it, but good grief, that was weird for me. 🙃 We ended up waiting there with him for an eternity, as the dispatcher had also given the wrong directions to the tow company’s dispatcher. The poor driver was sent all over the place before he finally arrived! It was a mess. 😦 The deputy left, we got my car towed home (holy shit, towing isn’t cheap!), and began the wait for the insurance process to begin. I was miserable by the time we got home, as I felt so guilty for not only causing harm, and the eventual death, to an animal, but for wrecking the newest and nicest vehicle we own, and causing financial burden. We’ve had enough financial crap to deal with since we bought our house; this was just the shitty icing on top of that even shittier cake. 😡 As of the following Wednesday, the Batmobile is at the shop, the insurance is doing its thing, and I haven’t left the house without Hubs since that awful morning. I just can’t wait to have my car back and fixed, and for this whole thing to be over. I also cannot explain how glad I am that my Son wasn’t with me that morning – not only for His safety (which is #1, obvi), but because He’s even worse than I am emotionally, when it comes to animals being harmed or killed. 😯

Back to better things…

One of our favorite holidays happened! That’s right – St. Patrick’s Day is our second favorite holiday, after Halloween, of course. This year, Hubs worked, but we all wore our green. I’d found some fun green flair at the store, not long before St. Patrick’s arrived, and BatKid still has a few shirts from St. Patrick’s Days past, that still fit him. We didn’t get our dinner ingredients bought in time, unfortunately, so Corned Beef and Cabbage was out (yes, we know it’s not an Irish thing, but that’s our tradition), but Bug and I picked up Subway in town, and Hubs got the same where he works. It was still a good day, despite the lack of most of our traditions, but we planned for Corned Beef and Cabbage at a later date. Speaking of cabbage, Hubs found some amazing Hillshire Farm recipes online, and printed out several for us to try. One was made with sauerkraut, which we all love, and boy, was it delicious! I’ve decided to cook a new one each week, which will give us a fun night of trying something new. It’s been awhile since I’ve made any new recipes that weren’t my own, because they all turned out horrible…but I have high hopes for the rest, after having this one.

After our Son’s knee appointment, we went grocery shopping as a Family. Unfortunately, it was in the late afternoon, so the place was packed (the main reason I go early in the morning), and it was a headache to deal with all the people. Hubs “went to the bathroom” (read: shopped for Easter goodies for BatKid), and when He rejoined us later, the Kiddo was baffled at how long Dad was “in there,” lmao. Anyway, Hubs showed me what he’d picked out after BatKid was asleep that night, and let me just say, he knows our Boy so well. It makes me so happy. 😊

BatKid watched Stranger Things and Beyond Stranger Things, plus the trailer for the third season! Well, we all watched them together, but it was His first time (and the first time for all of us, for the trailer). He loved the show so much, and I couldn’t be more pleased. I told him to look away at one particular part in the second season, but that’s because I can’t watch that part, and, as mentioned above, He’s me, magnified, when it comes to seeing animals hurt or killed. We all finally watched The LEGO Ninjago Movie, as well as The BFG, and we enjoyed both very much. I got Hubs into The Vampire Diaries, and he’s hooked! I’d be lying if I said I hated how much he loves the show; after all, I’m watching the series for the third time now, because he does. ha. He also got into the show Shooter, after we’d watched a movie called Wind River. I’d tried to watch Shooter with him that night, but fell asleep (it was pretty late, lol); meanwhile, he stayed up and binge-watched half of the season! He now uses the term “binge-watch,” which is so weird. 😂 Wind River is a good movie, but rough in some parts – *trigger warning* the roughest being a rape scene. I won’t be watching the movie again, because of that scene…even though Hubs muted it and left the room, and I looked away, until it was over. I just don’t handle that type of scene well, and I probably still woudn’t even if my past was different. Anywho, I’ve officially created a Netflix and Hulu monster…well, two, actually, as BatKid has requested we watch a few things, as well. He and I got into Adventure Time, and love it so much! He also loves that I can impersonate Lady Rainicorn’s old man voice from the translator episode, lmao. I finally watched Scream Queens, and I’m confused as to why that show ended. It was ridiculous, in a good way! ha. We bought and watched Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (hilarious!), Pitch Perfect 3 (I haven’t watched it yet, as I’m waiting for when I have the time to have a marathon), and the new Star Wars (we haven’t had the chance to watch it yet, but hopefully soon). Also, if you haven’t seen Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix, do so ASAP. Drew Barrymore is amazing, and the show is highly entertaining. 😆

The Kikis still don’t appreciate having a dog around the house, and the Puppers is still trying to convince them that they love him. lol. He tries to play with them so much, and is so sweet to them, but they still aren’t having it. It’s sad, dang it! I just want to be able to see them all snuggle and play, ya know? I have to keep reminding myself that it takes time, and it’s only been about three and a half months since we adopted him. I keep encouraging and praising them all when they are polite to each other, in hopes they get the message. I don’t know it it will work, or if it even helps, but I’m trying, nonetheless. I also try to show the Kikis that the Puppers isn’t so bad…but for the most part, I’m just letting them all be, and letting them learn, while keeping as positive as possible that the Kikis will fully accept him one day. 🙄 Hubs and I did learn that the Puppers is wicked protective of me! We can’t even wrestle around or play fight in front of him, as he will freak out and think Hubs is trying to hurt me. I have no idea what his life was like prior to becoming a stray, but man, he will not have any of it. He’s also incredibly protective of BatKid, and our property! Unless he sees the person with us (like UPS and FedEx drivers, and the tow truck driver), anyone who comes to our house, or even drives or walks past it, gets to hear ferocious barking and growling, lol. He’s the sweetest dog ever to his Family (Cats included), but anyone else sees and/or hears a big ol’ meanie! Having a protective dog is a great thing, of course, but getting him to calm down is a struggle, lol. He even hates when deer are on our property or across the road, and growls at squirrels he sees by our fish pond! Silly mutt.

I’ve been tired way more than usual lately. For awhile there, I’d been napping in the morning, after getting woken up early as hell by the Puppers. See, when I sleep in the living room, he wakes me up when it’s still dark. When I sleep in the bedroom, he lets the Princess wake me up – and she wakes me up with her “I love you” meows between an hour and two hours later than the Puppers. lol. People always assume Motherhood is the cause of my lack of sleep, so I have to correct them – it’s my critters that keep me up and/or wake me up early, not my Son. Even when He was a Baby, I wasn’t this tired! lol. The Puppers hates when I nap, and likes to jump on me, stick his nose under my blanket and in my face, or sit next to me and stare, until I wake up. The Kiddo, however, is as quiet as possible, behaves so well, and lets me sleep until I wake up (unless He has no choice but wake me up, which is rare). Even the Cats were my alarms before the Puppers joined the Family! They’re all such needy little critters. lmao. Either way, though, I’m tired. I don’t sleep well at all. I wake up all night, my bedtimes vary greatly, and it’s just miserable. I was hoping my med might help, but no matter when I’ve taken it, it’s no different. However, I keep on keeping on, and still do what I need to do for myself and my Family. Luckily, it comes easily. Daylight Savings made the fatigue even worse, though, so there’s that. 😒

I’ve still hardly knitted, but I can already see a difference in my focus since the med increase…so there has been some improvement in that area so far. I’m hoping to be done with my WIP before summer, lmao. Seriously, though, I really want to finish it and begin other projects I need and want to make. I miss knitting and crocheting, dammit! 😖

Well, I’ve written a novel and a half, so I’ll end this post here. I’ll be posting again soon, about how much I failed at not buying yarn and other stuffs, while I was not as medicated as I needed to be. There’s a lot to see, and yes, I am ashamed. 🙈

Until next time…


2018: Chapter Two

So, we totally skipped February, right?

It went by in a blur, but it was a good month! We took care of the vehicle stuff I’d mentioned in my previous post, and all has been well since (*knocks on wood*). My Gram had surgery; it went very well, and my uncle kept me updated with everything, which was much appreciated. I got a darling little bucket with the word “Blessed” on it, and planned to do something artsy with it (I’ll be talking about that in my next post). I had a couple of marathon phone chats with my Momma, both of which were much needed for various reasons. BatKid started writing and illustrating His own original comic ideas for Captain Underpants, and it will apparently have lots of different volumes! We spent a lot of time outside when it was nice (most of the month), and had to bury a dead deer we found on our property (ick). It did snow a couple of times later in the month, which was so exciting for my Son – but it didn’t last long, as usual. Lots of happy mail came in throughout the month, too…but that’s for another post. 😜 We had a few days of decent rain, one of which was spent watching the Kiddo jump in puddles while getting my tire fixed (He loves the rain!) and seeing Him get spoiled by a lady in the waiting room (she’d overheard our conversation about me not having any quarters for a bouncy ball from the machine, and kindly offered Him one). ❤ My husband got a bonus at work, so he was able to splurge on himself with it! We also got a new dryer, since our old one had been slowly dying for awhile before finally ceasing to warm up; it’s wicked nice, but way more fancy than what I’m used to, lol. I binge-watched the entire two seasons of the Netflix show, “One Day At A Time,” and loved the snot out of it. BatKid had His yearly eye exam; His vision didn’t change much, but we still got Him the new prescription and glasses (they look so snazzy). 😏 Our woodstove started acting funny during use, and we figured out why: our chimney was way dirtier than we thought it’d be after such a short time! It’s all better now, after Hubs worked hard on getting it all cleaned up, which he did on a day he’d stayed home from work. One of the snow days was the day after, so it was excellent timing on his part! The Kiddo and Puppers enjoyed playing together in the snow, despite how little we got, and how quickly it’d melted. Hubs and I finally watched the movie, Doctor Strange, and HOLY SNAP IT’S AWESOME. 🤘

The Puppers has been crazy as hell lately. He crossed into two of our neighbors’ yards when I was out walking him around our property one day. I wasn’t pleased, lol. He’s also rammed full force into my chest with his face, which hurt my sternum and most likely didn’t feel that great on his nose, ha. Another day, he punched me in the face and my upper lip was swollen a bit, lol. He’s just so rowdy! 😁 For unknown reasons, he puked one very early morning, and I woke up to those horrid sounds. I guess he’d eaten something outside that didn’t sit well or something, and it was out of his system after that. The Puppers barks like mad every time Hubs comes home from work, but I can’t blame him too much, as it’s quite alarming to have someone entering your house in the middle of the night, lol. He also goes crazy when anyone comes to our house, though he’s gotten used to the people who bring packages (though still barks), and even whined when one walked away from the door. It was too cute! 😄 He’s really been pushing the cats’ buttons, though. He just wants to be friendly and play with them, but they all still let him know that getting too close, is not ok. It’s only been almost three months since he joined our Family, but I do hope they like him sooner rather than later. 😕 The Puppers is a fantastic snuggler; I’ve fallen asleep holding him a few times, and slept super well each time, lol. It’s like having a super warm body pillow, only that body pillow squirms and kicks me a lot when it’s awake. ha! The Kiddo and the Puppers play a lot, inside and outside, and go on adventures together on our land. It makes my heart melt to see them play and have fun together, and how much they respect each other. 😍

Hubs’ birthday was the twenty-first, the day after he’d come back from being away for work; BatKid and I did our best to make it as special as possible, and were quite successful! ☺ The Kiddo made Dad his favorite cake (carrot cake), and we decorated it together. It was delicious, and Hubs really appreciated and loved it. This is his last year of his thirties, so we wanted to make it even more festive than usual. BatKid and Hubs played a video game together earlier in the day, and we got Chinese for dinner (Hubs’ pick)! It was a really great day for us all. 😃

I haven’t knitted much, unfortunately. I’ve mentioned before that I take a medication that treats my anxiety and depression; well, it hasn’t been working as well, so I’m pretty sure an increase is needed. I’ve noticed some mild signs of what I dealt with before I began taking the med, and they’re not pleasant. I had been feeling so good for awhile, so it was even more obvious when those signs returned, no matter how mild they are. I’ll be seeing my doctor tomorrow, so I’m going to address it with her then. I’ve also been dealing with some crazy side effects, but they’re not bad enough to change meds, thankfully. I’ve been down worse roads in that aspect, with past medications – which is a big reason why I was so against taking pills for my mental illnesses for so long. Hopefully an increase helps, so I can get back to enjoying my hobbies and feel my best again. Unfortunately, Hubs’ birthday gift is still in progress because of my lack of interest, for which I feel like shit…but he understands completely, like the wonderful man he is. 🙄

Hopefully March doesn’t fly by, but either way, I’m looking forward to seeing what this month has in store for me and mine.

Until next time…


2018: Chapter One

Holy snap, January flew by. How is it possible that time seems to speed up even more, every freaking month?! I’ll never understand how that works, but I’ll continue to be baffled each time.

The first few days of the new year were pretty great. On the first, the Kiddo and I took the day off from everything, since He’d stayed up wicked late; we spent that day and night having a blast, and watching one of our favorite movies. It was also the day I’d decided to be done with Facebook, for good. Now, that doesn’t include the occasional post on my craft account’s page (since it’s connected to my personal profile’s account), but in every other aspect of that narcissistic site – I am beyond over it. -_- Hubs came home the next day, a couple hours early (a welcome and awesome surprise!), and we all spent the day enjoying being together again. We also took down our Christmas tree, which – for some odd reason – I couldn’t wait to do this time around. lol. Our weekend was full of fun and work, and a pizza night!

Our first official week of the new year was busy, as usual. Between school, knitting, dog vs. cat chaos, the Puppers getting himself into new (and not-so-pleasant) situations, grocery shopping, online shopping, a couple of rainy days, and the usual home shenanigans – it all went by in a blur. The following weeks weren’t much different, but the weekends definitely were! That is the best part about our two days together each week: we don’t plan anything (unless it’s on the Priority List) – we just do. 🙂 No matter what day it is, though, there is never a dull moment in our house! Life is full of fun and adventure, and the occasional plot twist; I wouldn’t have it any other way, even when the plot twists tend to be not-so-great as everything else. 😛

Speaking of plot twists, we had a handful of them last month. One day, the Puppers got a little over-excited while we were playing, and ended up biting the snot out of my foot. It bruised instantly, and hurt like hell, lol. He has since gotten so much better at the biting issue, though; I’m quite proud and relieved it didn’t take that long to nearly break him of it. My darling BatKid got into trouble for swearing a few days after that, for saying “ass” multiple times, in various ways. He gets a little carried away, too, ha. Once wouldn’t have been an issue, but He’d kept saying it, even after being asked to stop, one right after the other. I’m hoping that was a one-time thing, lol. We had multiple power surges on one of the rainy days, when the rain was coming down pretty hard and the storm was crazier than usual. It was ridiculous, really, as we’ve never had so many power surges until we got this house, especially within such a short period of time. The Puppers had a couple of minor issues with two of his paws, at separate times. He’s fine now, but boy, was it concerning both times. I’m half-tempted to get him shoes! haha. Ohhh, this lady had to take a pregnancy test! Thankfully, it was negative. If it hadn’t been, that would have meant a couple of things: 1) Hubs’ vasectomy failed after over three years, and 2) I’d be at even more risk than I was with BatKid. The relief when the test read “Not Pregnant,” was indescribable, y’all. Unfortunately, now I’m back to square one of another round of “Where Has Aunt Flo Gone?” :/ TMI, I know, but gahhhh. It’s so frustrating! :/ Our two boy Kikis got into a nasty fight one evening. It was terrifying, and shocking, as they’ve never fought like that. They play fight, sure, but this was intense and mean. Thankfully, Hubs was able to break it up without getting too close, and the Boys weren’t hurt. They were irked at each other for awhile, though, even after I’d separated them immediately after the fight ended. I acquired a few injuries over the course of about a week, one of which was due to my own stupidity, lol. I now have a scar on my hand, and I still feel silly for how I ended up with it. The government shutdown was stressful, as usual, but thankfully didn’t affect us, since it lasted only a few days. Unfortunately, I don’t have high hopes that we’ll get past next week without another, ugh. Using many citizens as pawns to achieve the agenda of a few, is positively deplorable – but that’s all I’ll say on the matter. Right before the month’s end, I had to pick up Hubs from work during the wee hours of the morning, as his truck’s headlights had stopped working. It was a wiring thing, not a dead bulb thing, so it wasn’t something he forgot to change out or anything. I ended up not going grocery shopping that day because of the chaotic early morning (and lack of adequate sleep before waking up to his call), and took it easy for the remainder of the day. My final plot twist involves yarn, and my apparent issue with not buying it, no matter how hard I try – which makes the post before last an insanely failed plan, rather than a self-imposed ban. ha!

Aside from all the chaos, so many rad things happened last month. In the crafting aspect, I was pretty successful. I finished the giveaway cowl I made, and made a stitch marker to send along with it. You can view the finished cowl here. The winner, my lovely friend and favorite crafter, Wanda (kalamandah), loved them and made me so happy. 😀 I also began The Coziest Memory blanket; the first square was made with the yarn I’d used for my Son’s Christmas beanie, and the second square is made with the yarn from Wanda’s cowl. They’re both worsted yarns, which isn’t the weight in the pattern, but I’m all about switching things up, especially when it involves special yarn! 😛 I also began knitting Hubs’ birthday present, which is my own create-as-I-go pattern. 🙂 In the Family aspect, we did our usual fun outings and outside stuff, had a few movie nights (Captain Underpants, The Emoji Movie, and Monsters vs. Aliens), and took trips into town and played with the Puppers together. We had some relaxing time, too, but we stay pretty active more often than not. As for husband and wife time, we watched a few movies together, as well as Netflix. We had to buy a new blu-ray player recently, and it allows us to watch Hulu and Netflix on our TV – which used to happen with the one in our room, until it stopped working in that way. Hubs went away for a week again, as well. No matter how often it happens, it’s never any easier. 😦 I finally watched all three Bridget Jones movies, and I love them! I can’t believe it took so long for me to see the first two, lol. I also finally got some time to chat with my Momma, which was well overdue. The Kiddo and I got some awesome new clothes from Old Navy (yay, sales), and He was so excited to see what I had found for Him! I don’t usually just buy Him clothes without His input, but I knew everything I’d found would be a huge hit. 😀 Oh, and my good friend from junior high, celebrated her little one’s first birthday! It’s insane how time flies when it comes to other people’s kids, too. ha.

Overall, January was pretty eventful, even without Hubs being home a lot more. February has already been interesting, so this month’s post will be a fun one, too! Hubs’ birthday is a big deal for me and BatKid, and we can’t wait for that day to arrive – just two and a half more weeks to go! ❤

Hopefully this month won’t go by so quickly…ahh, hell – who am I kidding?


What a year it was! As I reflect on everything that happened this year, I realize just how much happened, how many memories were made, and how much my Family and I went through during the not-so-good times. It was a year of fun, frustrations, and fantastic chaos – not to mention, lots of Family time! However, our last few months went out with a bang, y’all.

I created this blog in October, not long before my husband went on leave for nearly three weeks. He was home for the entire last week of that month, and almost the first half of November. While he was home, we were go, Go, GO! We had some down time here and there, but for the most part, we were always doing something fun or work-related. The morning of the day he came home from work, which was a Tuesday, I cleaned and made Norwegian Butter Squares for the first time. If you haven’t made these and/or tried them, I highly suggest you do so, right this minute. They are fantastic, and were a huge hit with my Men! For dinner that night, I made one of our favorite chicken recipes, Melt in Your Mouth Chicken. It’s super yum, but an extremely heavy and rich meal, so we rarely eat it. Early Wednesday morning, I spent two and a half hours alone at the mechanic, getting the Batmobile worked on.  During that time, I restarted (a few times) Hubs’ Christmas gift beanie, and had gotten a decent amount done. The pattern I used, the Man Hat, is wicked simple, and the only pattern – out of many I’d found for bulky yarn – that Hubs liked. The yarn was Icelandic Lopi yarn called Grizzly, that I’d purchased from PrairieDyeStudio on Etsy. That afternoon, Hubs and I played several rounds each of Battleship with BatKid; it was so much more fun than I remember it being when I was a kid! Thursday was spent doing my usual daily routine and knitting before going to a doctor’s appointment. It was mainly just to chat about how I’m doing on my medication, so it was quick. I’d spent way more time waiting to see Doc, than actually talking to her! ha. Hubs cooked that night, since I’d gotten home pretty late, and I was grateful for the break. Friday was a relaxing day! I did go to the post office, which ended up being a happy trip, as my Expression Fiber Arts, knitting needle sets, and Orphan Black t-shirt orders had arrived! The EFA order was October’s yarn of the month club, as well as the first YOTM yarn they’ve ever brought back. The knitting needle sets were a special offer I’d seen on Facebook; they came from China and I only had to pay shipping! The Orphan Black shirt was a limited time special design (that came in shirts and hoodies), and is my absolute favorite tee ever. Saturday was spent cutting wood – but not before getting stuck in the gross New Mexico sand, blecch. Luckily, some people came by in a UTV; they helped pull us out, after we’d been working on digging out the truck ourselves for an hour. We were beyond thankful for their help! We finally got to the wood-cutting, where we all worked hard and got what we needed, but all the work prior had caused us to wear out faster! Sunday was a day of relaxing – for the most part. I did the grocery shopping by myself while my Men slept in, and we had brunch when I came home.

The next week was the best week! Monday was fairly relaxing; we each carved a pumpkin, which was BatKid’s first time doing His own. His was an original design, and it came out awesome! Hubs and I used patterns, and they turned out pretty rad – even mine, which had a booboo. lol. My Men took me to the hospital late that afternoon, so I could have an ultrasound done on my neck. While I was there, they went to the store for some things, then picked me up when I was done. We ended up picking up dinner in town, since it would be almost seven o’clock by the time we got home. Tuesday was Halloween! My Total Cat Mojo book arrived, which I’d pre-ordered as soon as Jackson Galaxy had posted about it on Twitter; upon pre-ordering, I was able to pick a shelter to whom they’d send a free copy, and would also receive a card as a gift at a later date. It was a pretty sweet deal! We watched Hocus Pocus and ate dinner, then took pictures before heading out for trick-or-treating. We went to our very first neighborhood in this town, as usual, and had a blast! BatKid got tons of compliments on His costume (He’d dressed up as Poe from Star Wars VII), plus we even saw one of the girls we knew from our grocery store, and found out she no longer works there. We also talked to the owner of the house next door to our old home; her house had been completely remodeled while we were still living there, and I’d gotten a tour one day. We chatted about how she liked it, and she told us she was surprised when she’d found out how horrible it had been before it had been redone. I told her it was definitely a mess before, but it’s gorgeous now! After we’d finished making our rounds, we went down to the fire station, where they had treat bags for the kids and were letting them explore the fire engine! BatKid never gets tired of that; this time, however, He got to wear a headset while sitting in the front seat! It was super cool. 😀 Despite the neighborhood not being as active during Halloween as it used to be, the Kiddo made out like a bandit. We headed home, where we went through His candy, and He ate a few pieces before bedtime. Also, that day was the first time my Son had ridden in the car without a booster seat! He’d recently hit the height requirement to ride normally, and I still can’t believe it. The Kid is growing like crazy, y’all; He’s most likely going to be taller than me and Hubs! Wednesday was spent cutting wood again, as well as exploring potential areas for future cutting, and Thursday was spent fishing at the nearby lake! We didn’t catch anything, but we all had fun – plus an older couple stopped as they were driving past us, just to tell me I’m a good Momma! That was so unexpected, lol. I was just goofing off with my Son as I was putting sunscreen on His face, and I guess they were watching as they drove by. It was so sweet, and I thanked them through all my blushing, ha. Friday, I woke up with a huge bruised bump on my upper leg, with no recollection of what may have caused it. With something that big, you’d think one would know, right? Well, I sure didn’t! All I know is, it hurt and it was ugly. :/ Aside from a trip to the post office (where I had two packages waiting for me: a Halloween Star Wars project bag from Three By The Sea Designs, and my super Halloween-y order of handspun yarn and a pumpkin stitch marker from Silly Sheep Designs), it was a relaxing day. The Kiddo started a Thanksgiving countdown on our LightBox, Hubs and I made sausage and French toast for B.F.D. (breakfast for dinner), and I found out about Jacob Thompson‘s Christmas wish. If you aren’t familiar with Jacob and his wish, he was a little boy in Maine who had been battling neuroblastoma for four of his nine years of life. Christmas was his favorite holiday, but the doctors said he wasn’t going to live until then. So, he asked for the simple wish of anyone around the world, to send him Christmas cards. I, of course, wanted to make him a card, and asked my Men if they wanted to, as well; they both did, and it made me so happy! ❤ Hubs had signed up for hunting earlier in the year, so Saturday was spent out all day, scouting for areas to hunt. It was fun, as we got to explore new areas not far from where we live, and BatKid and I found a wicked rad tree! Hubs found an old farm area, where the windmill still worked; I have a huge love for windmills, so I got a lot of photos of it, lol. We ended up farther away from our area by the end of the trip, so we got gas in the town where Hubs works, then headed back up to our town to pick up dinner, since it was pretty late. Sunday was spent shopping solo again, which gave me the chance to buy a giant stuffed elephant-and-baby set for BatKid! I’ve been obsessed with elephants (or e-phants, as I called them when I was a kid) for as long as I can remember, and BatKid also loves them – so I couldn’t pass up such a soft, cute, and enormous lovey. My Men ate the food I’d gotten them for brunch when I got home (I had gotten a burrito at my favorite place on the way home, shhh), and we went out mid-afternoon for a hunt. We didn’t see anything while we sat, but I did find a baby barrel cactus, and began collecting a ton of gorgeous quartz rocks for BatKid! We both had all of our pockets filled by the time the sun went down and we headed back home, lol. I wasn’t very hungry when we got back, but I cooked dinner for my Men and we relaxed until we all turned in early.

The last week of Hubs’ time off was mostly pretty chill. We all woke up at five Monday morning, and set out to hunt. Unfortunately, the area in which Hubs was planning to hunt, was blocked off…but everything happens for a reason, as Mother Nature ended up hitting both BatKid and I in a crappy way (pun intended), which would have cut things short, anyway. My poor husband was bummed that he couldn’t hunt, and it pretty much discouraged him for the day, so he had no problem heading home early so we could do our business. After we all took it easy for a few hours, we began making our cards for sweet Jacob. The creativity and hard work that came from my Men, warmed my heart! We all made some pretty amazing cards, and we mailed them off that afternoon. After stopping at the post office, we made a trip into town to buy Hubs a Craftsman tool chest that was on sale at Ace (almost half off!) and a house key for BatKid (it’s a Yoda key!). Afterwards, we stopped at Walmart for some things, then the vet to get the Kikis their food. I’d made a lasagna for dinner that night, sans recipe, but it didn’t turn out as good as I had hoped. I’ll definitely be tweaking it until I get it just right. Hubs and I finished all the Christmas shopping for the Kiddo that night, which was the earliest we’d ever completed it, lol. Tuesday was a wicked overcast and cool day, so we stayed inside and watched movies together. I spent a good part of Wednesday reorganizing my side of the closet, and finding the yarn I needed to make BatKid’s Christmas gift beanie. I also washed the baby gifts I’d finished making, while my Men played. Thursday was so busy! It was Dump Day, and we picked up Subway for brunch afterwards. Our insurance agent came by later to take pics and have us sign a form verifying we had had our roof replaced, the Kiddo’s Christmas gifts arrived, and a hornet had made its way into our house! The Kikis found it, but thankfully weren’t stung. My wonderful husband hung up some canvas photos in the living room that afternoon, then put together his new tool chest. I gave BatKid a haircut, then He played while I knit. Hubs grilled our favorite pork loin for dinner, and we all relaxed for the remainder of the evening – after several exciting rounds each of Rock, Paper, Scissors with BatKid, that is. 😛 Friday was chaos. Poor Kiki N woke me after four, vomiting. This went on every hour or so, so I called the vet as soon as they were open. They told me to bring her in, so I left immediately. She had to stay there for observation after the doc examined her, so I went home without her. 😦 While I waited for the call to come get her, I blocked the baby gifts, made us all lunch, found out Jacob’s cards had been delivered, and knitted some. Finally, I was able to pick up our Girl. She was fine, but needed to be monitored for the rest of the day and start taking extra hairball treatment. I was so relieved it wasn’t something worse! We all went to pick her up, and my Men stayed with her while I ran in to the store to pick up some deli stuff for dinner. Kiki N was feeling better by bedtime, and even napped on the ironing board I’d left out! It was adorable. Hubs and I watched Fate of the Furious after the Kiddo went to bed; we love that movie. On Veteran’s Day, my sexy Veteran (Hubs, duh) woke me up with his snoring, lol. It was a pretty relaxing day, complete with finding a pattern for the Kiddo’s beanie (which He picked), and pizza for dinner. It was a lovely ending to my husband’s leave. 🙂

The rest of November was filled with school and the usual home and shopping shenanigans, but a whole bunch of stuff happened in between. I mailed off the baby gifts, forgot a bag of groceries in the store (thankfully, a nice woman behind us in line had tracked me down in the parking lot to tell me), played hide and seek with the Kiddo in the leaves at our old neighborhood, received the new Taylor Swift album and card from Jackson Galaxy’s book, watched the entire Jersey Shore series, held a giveaway for my followers on instagram, knitted a ton (including finishing Hubs’ beanie, and beginning the Kiddo’s beanie), took advantage of a KnitPicks sale, accidentally left the water running outside and lost a ton of pressure as a result, went to the park with BatKid, made steak for the first time (though not on the grill), woke up the Kid Pauly D-style (0:16), caught up on New Girl, sprayed Gatorade all over the place when taking my meds (the Kiddo had said something funny, lol), got some new yarn from The Sheepyshire, pranked the Kiddo with His toys, introduced BatKid to Rocko’s Modern Life (which He loved), watched a Netflix movie about a girl with Anorexia nervosa and binge-watched both seasons of Stranger Things, had yet another Harry Potter marathon with my Men, finished reading The Friday Night Knitting Club, and found out that my ultrasound showed everything was normal. We celebrated Thanksgiving early, as my husband was going away for work during the holiday, so our Thanksgiving was the Monday of that week. I made the best turkey of my life, y’all! I’ve always made great turkey, but I did it differently this year and outdid myself like whoa. 😀 Hubs had taken leftovers with him, plus BatKid and I had plenty here at home, so we all had a part two and three of Thanksgiving dinner during the week Hubs was away. We sure weren’t complaining, lol. It sucked not spending our first Thanksgiving in our new house together, but at least we were able to celebrate it close to the actual holiday!

December went by in a blur. I knitted up a storm (Kiddo’s beanie and Gram’s dishcloth, plus began a cowl for my giveaway winner), binge-watched Girl Boss and 13 Reasons Why on Netflix, had lots of park time with the Kiddo (He played with so many different kids!), managed to get air in the Batmobile on an unexpected dip, made my first batch of chili for the cold season as well as the first fire, got puked on by my Kid (the first time in years, lol), celebrated BatKid’s half-birthday, bought and watched The Hitman’s Bodyguard and Despicable Me 3, put up and decorated our Christmas trees, saw a bunch of grown and baby javelina cross the road, watched some new episodes of Cash Cab (we used to watch it a lot, years ago), got some photos of one of my best childhood friends (she passed away at only eighteen), ordered and received the next books after The Friday Night Knitting Club as well as season five of Orphan Black, got a Tetanus shot, adopted a dog (read all about it here), saw an Antarctica licence plate, went to my local yarn store, drove home in crazy snow very slowly, banged up my knee when I fell while walking the dog at night, watched all of our favorite Christmas movies as well as both Kingsman movies, wrapped Christmas gifts in record time, watched the dog get rejected by the cats many times (he just wants to play with them!), cut more wood, fell asleep face-down with a cat laying on my back, got bitten by the dog a lot during playing (he’s a younger dog, ha), held a wild bird after the dog tried to catch it, binge-watched more Netflix shows (new episodes of Fuller House and Black Mirror), took out my tragus jewelry for the first time since having it pierced, fell asleep before midnight on New Year’s Eve, and received a sweet holiday card from a lovely friend in Las Vegas. Christmas was amazing, and BatKid and I were so grateful to have Hubs home during the biggest first holiday in our new house. We enjoyed our usual Christmas Eve traditions, I made the tastiest glaze for our ham, and Christmas morning was a full of awe and surprises – for both BatKid and Hubs! It was a wonderful holiday, but boy, did it go by too fast. BatKid did get a week off for Christmas, which I usually don’t do…but He’s been doing even more awesome in school this year, so He totally deserved more than a couple of days off.

The entire year flew by, and a new year has already begun. Here’s hoping that whoever is reading this has a wonderful 2018!