I still consider myself an advanced beginner when it comes to knitting, as I’ve only been successfully knitting for going on two years. However, I’m more into knitting than I was when I’d first started (before I learned to crochet). Aside from knitting more than crocheting, I’ve also created my own patterns for different types of accessories…so I guess I can consider myself a designer, too. 🙂

This year, I want to try three new knitting things.

1. Socks! My first ever sock attempt was…eh. I was a tighter knitter back then, plus it was a baby sock – so I had basically set myself up for disaster from the get-go. I did turn the heel, but it ended there, as I wound up fighting much harder with the tightly wrapped yarn around those tiny needles. I plan to try out a worsted yarn sock pattern first, to see if I can hack it…then go for a sock yarn pattern. At least if the worsted ones end up looking shitty, they can just be around-the-house socks…or maybe dusting mitts? 🤔

2. Cables! Good golly, cables are just so gorgeous. I’d recently found a pattern that is perfect for beginner cables, so I plan to start with that. If successful, I may end up making that Greenlee Cowl I’d mentioned in my previous post, sooner than I think! 🙄

3. Brioche! Oh, it intimidates me so! However, I have soooo many ideas for color combos when it comes to brioche; there is no way in hell I can stay away from it. It really is a “must” for me. 😌

I’m really hoping to have successfully mastered all of the above, by the year’s end. Unlike some, I don’t have all the time in the world to sit and knit all day, every day (I run a household, manage finances, homeschool, and take care of four pets – plus I’m alone more often than not), but I’m certainly going to use as much of my free time as I can, to learn these three things – whenever I’m not enjoying what little Family time we get, reading, or out exploring the wonder that is nature, that is. 😊

Remember, kids: