2018: Chapter Two

So, we totally skipped February, right?

It went by in a blur, but it was a good month! We took care of the vehicle stuff I’d mentioned in my previous post, and all has been well since (*knocks on wood*). My Gram had surgery; it went very well, and my uncle kept me updated with everything, which was much appreciated. I got a darling little bucket with the word “Blessed” on it, and planned to do something artsy with it (I’ll be talking about that in my next post). I had a couple of marathon phone chats with my Momma, both of which were much needed for various reasons. BatKid started writing and illustrating His own original comic ideas for Captain Underpants, and it will apparently have lots of different volumes! We spent a lot of time outside when it was nice (most of the month), and had to bury a dead deer we found on our property (ick). It did snow a couple of times later in the month, which was so exciting for my Son – but it didn’t last long, as usual. Lots of happy mail came in throughout the month, too…but that’s for another post. 😜 We had a few days of decent rain, one of which was spent watching the Kiddo jump in puddles while getting my tire fixed (He loves the rain!) and seeing Him get spoiled by a lady in the waiting room (she’d overheard our conversation about me not having any quarters for a bouncy ball from the machine, and kindly offered Him one). ❤ My husband got a bonus at work, so he was able to splurge on himself with it! We also got a new dryer, since our old one had been slowly dying for awhile before finally ceasing to warm up; it’s wicked nice, but way more fancy than what I’m used to, lol. I binge-watched the entire two seasons of the Netflix show, “One Day At A Time,” and loved the snot out of it. BatKid had His yearly eye exam; His vision didn’t change much, but we still got Him the new prescription and glasses (they look so snazzy). 😏 Our woodstove started acting funny during use, and we figured out why: our chimney was way dirtier than we thought it’d be after such a short time! It’s all better now, after Hubs worked hard on getting it all cleaned up, which he did on a day he’d stayed home from work. One of the snow days was the day after, so it was excellent timing on his part! The Kiddo and Puppers enjoyed playing together in the snow, despite how little we got, and how quickly it’d melted. Hubs and I finally watched the movie, Doctor Strange, and HOLY SNAP IT’S AWESOME. 🤘

The Puppers has been crazy as hell lately. He crossed into two of our neighbors’ yards when I was out walking him around our property one day. I wasn’t pleased, lol. He’s also rammed full force into my chest with his face, which hurt my sternum and most likely didn’t feel that great on his nose, ha. Another day, he punched me in the face and my upper lip was swollen a bit, lol. He’s just so rowdy! 😁 For unknown reasons, he puked one very early morning, and I woke up to those horrid sounds. I guess he’d eaten something outside that didn’t sit well or something, and it was out of his system after that. The Puppers barks like mad every time Hubs comes home from work, but I can’t blame him too much, as it’s quite alarming to have someone entering your house in the middle of the night, lol. He also goes crazy when anyone comes to our house, though he’s gotten used to the people who bring packages (though still barks), and even whined when one walked away from the door. It was too cute! 😄 He’s really been pushing the cats’ buttons, though. He just wants to be friendly and play with them, but they all still let him know that getting too close, is not ok. It’s only been almost three months since he joined our Family, but I do hope they like him sooner rather than later. 😕 The Puppers is a fantastic snuggler; I’ve fallen asleep holding him a few times, and slept super well each time, lol. It’s like having a super warm body pillow, only that body pillow squirms and kicks me a lot when it’s awake. ha! The Kiddo and the Puppers play a lot, inside and outside, and go on adventures together on our land. It makes my heart melt to see them play and have fun together, and how much they respect each other. 😍

Hubs’ birthday was the twenty-first, the day after he’d come back from being away for work; BatKid and I did our best to make it as special as possible, and were quite successful! ☺ The Kiddo made Dad his favorite cake (carrot cake), and we decorated it together. It was delicious, and Hubs really appreciated and loved it. This is his last year of his thirties, so we wanted to make it even more festive than usual. BatKid and Hubs played a video game together earlier in the day, and we got Chinese for dinner (Hubs’ pick)! It was a really great day for us all. 😃

I haven’t knitted much, unfortunately. I’ve mentioned before that I take a medication that treats my anxiety and depression; well, it hasn’t been working as well, so I’m pretty sure an increase is needed. I’ve noticed some mild signs of what I dealt with before I began taking the med, and they’re not pleasant. I had been feeling so good for awhile, so it was even more obvious when those signs returned, no matter how mild they are. I’ll be seeing my doctor tomorrow, so I’m going to address it with her then. I’ve also been dealing with some crazy side effects, but they’re not bad enough to change meds, thankfully. I’ve been down worse roads in that aspect, with past medications – which is a big reason why I was so against taking pills for my mental illnesses for so long. Hopefully an increase helps, so I can get back to enjoying my hobbies and feel my best again. Unfortunately, Hubs’ birthday gift is still in progress because of my lack of interest, for which I feel like shit…but he understands completely, like the wonderful man he is. 🙄

Hopefully March doesn’t fly by, but either way, I’m looking forward to seeing what this month has in store for me and mine.

Until next time…



We have three cats. Kiki P and Kiki T are almost six years old, and we adopted them when they were six week old kittens. They are brothers from the same litter (not to mention the only black cats of that litter), and I couldn’t imagine leaving one of them behind the day we found them. Kiki N is almost four, and was also a very young kitten when we adopted her. She was all alone, had already had a hard life, and my husband became attached to her instantly. All three of our cats came from the humane society in our town, as we are firm believers in the whole “adopt, don’t shop” philosophy.

For the past few months, I’ve been having what I call, Doggy Fever. You know, like baby fever, only with dogs. By the time it was nearly mid-December, I began actively looking for a dog – preferably not a puppy – to adopt, who was the right fit for our Family. Obviously, we needed a dog that was good with kids and cats, which isn’t always easy to find. I found a couple of possibilities online, both of whom were just outside our town, and made contact with the shelter.

Unfortunately for us, the one dog we liked the most, had been adopted earlier that week (which was great for her, of course!), so the lady suggested two others she had available. We were interested, and headed over soon after. Both dogs were great, and we all loved them! Sadly, the one we were this close to taking home, saw one of the cats that lives at the shelter, and went absolutely ape shit – in a terrifying way. :/ We had to decline after that, but told the lady the other one was definitely in the running if we didn’t find any good fits at the humane society in town.

There are a lot of cats and dogs to adopt at our humane society. I wish I could take them all! That being said, we had a lot to choose from. We visited the Puppy Room first, where I fell in love with a little black and brown Chihuahua. He loved me, but ignored my Men – which was a total bummer. 😦 He wasn’t wicked young like most of the puppies in there, either, so I was sad to have to tell my heart “No.” We moved on to the more grown up dogs’ room; the first one I came to had a look that made me feel uneasy, so I said “Hello” and went on to the next. By the time I made my way back up that row, the dog’s attitude had done a complete 180 – he was standing up on the gate, wagging his tail, and trying to kiss my hand when I put it up for him to sniff. He was so much happier and friendlier than when he made his first impression – but I have learned that, with anyone, first impressions aren’t always the best impression. 🙂 I spent a couple of minutes with him before going to see the dogs on the other side, but I kept coming back to that same dog. He was just so sweet!

I’d asked my Men if they wanted to walk a dog, and they both said yes…so Hubs and I told BatKid to pick one. He went up and down both sides, giving it great thought, and ended up choosing the aforementioned dog. I won’t lie, I was excited about my Kiddo’s pick, lol. He had liked so many dogs, and the fact that He chose the one I kept going back to see, was awesome. I truly think my Son had gotten the same vibes I did; after all, He was too distracted by the other dogs to notice how fond Mom was of this one dog, so I know He chose without any influence whatsoever. I was so proud! 😀

Hubs was the one to open the kennel gate and put on the collar and leash, but once that dog walked out, he immediately jumped on me, put his legs around my waist like a hug, and let me hug him back. He even kissed my cheek! I knew then, that this dog was ours – and the walk confirmed it for my Men, too. The Puppers was such a good listener, great on a leash and pottying outside, super gentle with BatKid, and just overall rad.

The only thing left, was wondering if he was going to be ok around our Kikis. One of the ladies working there stopped to talk to us on our way back inside, and offered to take him around the cat rooms to see how he acted. He paid them no mind at first, as he was more interested in our Family, but when he did come up to some cats, he was very friendly and curious, and backed off when one made it clear that his prescence was unwanted. He was in no way mean or scary towards them, so unlike the dog we had wanted at the other shelter. We all felt more at ease after this experience, and it was decided: we were going to adopt this little sweetie!

However, he wasn’t coming home with us just yet. He needed to be neutered, vaccinated, and chipped first, so they rushed him off to our vet after I filled out the paperwork and paid. He had to stay the night there, then get the operation in the morning of the following day, and would be ready to bring home that evening. So, off to the store we went! We bought his food, bowls, toys, dog bed, collar, walking harness, and leash. BatKid chose the colors of the collar, leash, and harness, as well as most of the toys…but one of the toys in particular, an orange sock monkey with a squeaker in its belly, was the toy Hubs and I weren’t too sure about. We ended up being totally wrong, but I’ll get to that in a bit. I will say, our Son knows what dogs like, and He hadn’t been around many at that point! 😛

The next day was full of excitement and anticipation. It also dragged, as we had to wait until after four-thirty in the afternoon to pick up our new family member. I prepared for his arrival by washing his bowls, setting up his bed, and putting the sock monkey where he would see it. We enjoyed our day, and finally, it was time to leave.

As soon as they brought out our Puppers, his face lit up with excitement when he saw all of us. He couldn’t get over to us fast enough! Hubs put on his collar and leash, the employees chatted with us for a bit, we had our photo taken, and we walked our new buddy before the ride home. I was driving, while Hubs sat in the backseat with BatKid so he could keep an eye on the Puppers. I took all the bumps super slowly (we have a few dirt roads, ha), and made sure not to turn too harshly, too (which I do normally, of course). I just wanted to make sure not to jostle around the doge while he stood in the car, ha.

When we got home, my Men got out with the Puppers so he could stretch and go potty. I parked the car, dropped off my stuff inside, and made sure all the Kikis had somewhere to hide if they needed to. I went back outside to see how my Men and the Puppers were doing, and soon, we all went inside. The Kikis weren’t too pleased at the bigger and more energetic critter coming into their home, but introductions were made and life continued on. Puppers went to his bed, where he immediately picked up the sock monkey and laid down. Hubs and I were overjoyed, and praised the hell out of BatKid for the amazing pick. 🙂 He rested there and near us until bedtime, since he was still recovering from going under, and I slept near him all night to make sure he was ok. It was a pretty quiet night, thankfully; I just kept waking up naturally, which sucked, but it helped me keep an eye on him. The next day, he was back to the hyper, playful pup we walked the day before he came home with us!

Our Puppers is a fantastic addition to our Family. He’s adorable, fun, smart, wicked sweet, and just wonderful. He loves all of us, but definitely has a big attachment to my husband – which can be a bit overwhelming for Hubs, lol. Puppers is about a year and a half years old (still a youngin’), and a Labrador and Chow Chow mix. The Lab is the strongest breed when it comes to his appearance, but there are a few obvious Chow traits, which make him even more cute! The only sad thing about how he looks, is how skinny he is. He was a stray before being brought to the humane society, and who knows for how long. We’re definitely working on getting him up to a more healthy weight! Aside from a family, Puppers has lots of things that make him happy. Inside, his favorite toy (aside from the sock monkey) is a big, red Titan bouncy chew toy. He loves to play fetch, but isn’t fond of giving any toy back, lol. He plays rough with me more than Hubs, and loves to growl when playing tug-of-war with his big rope toy. Outside, he loves tennis balls and sticks, and running around with BatKid! He gives hugs often, can’t get enough belly scratches, and has so much fun exploring our land. Soon after we adopted him, it rained a bunch and snowed a bit; we had to dry off his paws before he ran around the house each time he went out, and learned he hates being dried off. He even tries to play tug-of-war with the towel! He’s such a goof, and a little klutzy, too. To say he’s the perfect fit in our weird and crazy Family, is an understatement. We can’t imagine life without that spazzy boy, and it’s only been two weeks since he joined us! ❤

BatKid is amazing with the Puppers. He is so patient and kind, and loves to play with and pet him. Watching them together makes my heart melt – just as much as watching my Kiddo interact with our Kikis! He’s beyond fabulous with animals, and they adore Him just as much as He adores them! Raising kids with animals, and teaching them how to care for, play with, and treat them, is so important. I am so proud to have a Kiddo who knows just how important it is, and proves it regularly!

After being a cat-only home for so long, it is quite a change adding a dog to the mix. It’s a little more hectic, the Kikis are still trying to get used to the new family member, and I feel like I live in a zoo at times – but I wouldn’t change it for anything. In the pet sense, our Puppers was the missing piece we didn’t even know we needed. He found his “furever” home, and we found another great companion for all of us humans.

I may be a crazy cat lady, but I love all animals, and this doggo of ours sure has stolen my heart. 😀